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As seen on TV rubberized coating in an aerosol can is available direct from the manufacturer. There is no minimum order, no extra processing and handling fees, no unauthorized credit card charges. Rubber in a can is packaged in handy ready to use aerosol cans. This undercoat can be used by homeowners, hobbyists, auto restorers, contractors, roofers, plumbers and HVAC technicians.

Visit the web site direct at rubber in a! Rubber in a can is a spray sealant and spray on rubber coating that can be used on pools, outdoor ponds, fountains, boats, patios, window leaks, pipes, drip pans, foundations, truck beds, gas tanks, wheel wells, underbodies, fenders, RVs and motor homes, weld joints, buses and cars, bird baths, chimneys, driveways, flashings, pvc pipes, planters, duct work, skylights, roofs, downspouts and gutters.

Alvin Products Part # 80101 is avaiable direct or through a local distributor.

Features and Benefits of leak sealant;

Rubberized Coating for Auto parts, Roof leak repair coating, rubber sealant for any hard rigid surface, Rubberized undercoating for hard to reach areas, spray rubber sealant for a watertight flexible surface.


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