Rubber in a Can | Aerosol

Rubberized Flexible Sealant is easy to use packaged in aerosol cans. This rubberized undercoat comes out of the can as a black liquid coating. Aerosol Rubber Coating flows into cracks and holes and creates a tight rubber surface drying to a rubberized, flexible, watertight barrier. Alvin’s rubber in a can should be in every garage, tool box and on the job site.

  • Stays flexible
  • Seals water and moisture penetration
  • Non sagging formulation
  • Will not chip, crack or peel
  • Adheres to metal, asphalt, concrete, brick hard rigid surfaces
  • Paintable

Used on gutters, pipes, drip pans, roofs, duct work, downspouts, RV's and campers, driveways, leaky surfaces, duct work and a/c units, boats, outdoor fountains, birdbaths, ponds and planters, concrete foundations or any surface you need a water tight flexible rubber undercoating / sealant.

Test each application for suitability.

Shake well! Spray on a clean surface holding can 12-15 inches from the surface and apply using steady even strokes. Apply multiple thin coats instead of a single thick coat to ensure dry time and adhesion.

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Product Applications

Bird Bath Repair using Rubber in a Can
Bird Bath Repair
Vent Pipe Sealant
Vent Pipe Sealant
Birdbath Crack Repair
Birdbath Crack Repair
Rocker Panel Rubber Seal
Rocker Panel Rubber Seal