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Rubber in a Can Applications


Alvin Products now offers rubber in a can which is a ready-to-use aerosol can with hundreds of uses.

Rubber in a can is a flexable sealant that can be used on any clean, dry rigid surface.

·         Rubberized coating/sealant –watertight, flexible

·         Easy to use aerosol spray can

·         Resists moisture, seepage, leaks, weather, salt, dirt 

·         Will not crack, peel or chip in hot or cold temperatures

·         Coats, seals, protects

·         Long lasting, durable

·         Adheres to any metal, concrete/asphalt, rigid plastic surface

·         Paintable, non-sagging formulation

·         No minimum order


USES:  gutters, downspouts, roofs, skylights, duct work, planters,  pvc pipes, flashings, driveways, chimneys, bird baths, cars, buses, weld joints, HVAC equipment, RVs/motor homes, fenders, underbodies, wheel wells, gas tanks, truck beds, foundations, AC drip pans, pipes, window leaks, patios, boats, fountains, outdoor ponds, pools…

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